AVINA Foundation


Donor: AVINA Foundation


Origin: International


Time period: 2014/2015

Project: To improve and provide effective mediums of communication in order to better the function of the Bajo Grande (city of Córdoba) waste treatment facility, allowing citizens living downriver from the plant access to clean drinking water.

Partner: Environmental Forum of Córdoba


To improve the management of human waste in the city of Córdoba by raising awareness of the lack of effective communication methods and the possible continuation of issues already addressed in the conflict, highlighting the non-compliance of the judicial sentencing and conviction of the Municipality of Córdoba in the case “MARCHISIO, José Bautista y otros - AMPARO” Expte. 500003/36.

To reach a formal statement from the Municipality of Córdoba through information requests towards the corresponding bodies in relation to the aforementioned noncompliance.

To raise awareness of the issues and need for proper communication in order to better manage Córdoba’s human waste.

To promote the development of public opinion that demands change in political environment and handling of the human waste treatment facility of Córdoba, with special attention to the collection and treatment of waste already in the River Suquía and basin due to the poor functionality of the plant in the past decades.

Donation: 2500 USD