We denounce the FASTA educational network before the Ministry of Education of Córdoba

As a result of the testimonies of former members of schools of the FASTA educational network, numerous cases of gender violence, discrimination, non-compliance with the compulsory curriculum and abuse of authority came to light. We demand that…

The IDB approved its new Environmental and Social Policy Framework

The process of modernizing the IDB's environmental and social policies began in January of this year with the first stage of face-to-face and virtual public consultations in the different countries. In Argentina, the face-to-face consultation…

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In Argentina there is no food labeling system established by law that informs consumers clearly, truthfully and simply what it is that we are consuming. Front warning labeling with black octagons provides straightforward information…

We asked the Senate to incorporate new principles into the General Environmental Law

In conjunction with other NGOs, we asked the Chamber of Senators to treat the bill that seeks to incorporate the principles in dubio pro aqua and in dubio pro natura Law No. 25,675. The bill, which has already obtained the corresponding half-sanction…

We present ourselves as "friends of the court" before the Supreme Court of Justice of Tucumán

This is the case of “María Magdalena”, a woman who came to the guard of a hospital with an abortion in progress and suffered torture, inhuman treatment and obstetric violence when she was treated, and later was unable to access justice…

Nuclear cooperation between Argentina and China advances

In November, the Argentine government plans to move forward with the signing of the contract for the construction of the fourth Hualong-type nuclear power plant, with Chinese financing. “Below, we offer a google translate…

MOCI - monitoreo ciudadano en proyectos de infraestructura

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