We participate in the review of the socio-environmental sustainability policy of the IDB Invest

We participate in the face-to-face public consultation of the IDB Invest in the framework of the revision of its Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy. “Below, we offer a google translate version of the original article in Spanish.…

The IDB and the IDB Invest review their environmental and social policies

Both the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and its private arm, the IDB Invest, have recently opened the process for reviewing their environmental and social safeguards policies. It is important that Latin American civil society and, above…

We participate in the Public Consultation on the review of the Access to Information Policy of the IDB Invest in Buenos Aires

On August 10, IDB Invest carried out in Buenos Aires a public face-to-face consultation on the draft for its new Access to Public Information policy. This event is part of the virtual consultation currently open that BID Invest began in May…

New analysis on regulations in development institutions present in Latin America

Together with the rest of the organizations that make up GREFI, we publish a comparative analysis of the regulatory frameworks of the main institutions that finance development in Latin America, with a focus on the similarities and differences…

Concern and uncertainty regarding the progress of the works of the Villa Carlos Paz Environmental Center

The works of the Environmental Center of Villa Carlos Paz show an advance of 90% and estimate that in 30 days it will be in operation. Meanwhile, the concern of the residents of Malagueño continues asking for concrete measures to make effective…

BID Invest will review in 2018 its policy of access to information

During 2018, the private sector investment arm of the Inter-American Development Bank, BID Invest, will review its institutional policy on access to information. It is a process that is expected to improve its current policy, in order to effectively…

Regulation of Public-Private Partnerships in Argentina: risks and opportunities

After some attempts to give legal form to Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in the years 2000 and 2005, Argentina approved in 2016 new legislation for public-private partnership contracts. This new investment system for infrastructure projects involves risks that need to be analyzed.

Discussions on Independent Accountability Mechanisms in Greece

We participated in a series of meetings and discussions in Thessaloniki, Greece, which focused on the work and functioning of Independent Accountability Mechanisms and their key role in cases of affected communities by projects funded by development finance institutions.

Repeated figurine: garbage, conflicts and San Roque lake

The project "Centro Ambiental Carlos Paz" presents serious irregularities and violates environmental regulations and participation. It would affect Lake San Roque and would not be a definitive regional solution to the historical problem related to the integral management of solid urban waste.

The ICIM External Consultative Group was formed

In February the ICIM concluded the process of selecting members of its External Consultative Group. Juan Carballo, Executive Director of FUNDEPS has been selected to integrate it.