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The role of the AIIB in the New Route of the Green Headquarters

The article proposes an approach to financing the Silk Road and the Silk Road Initiative, trying to analyze the extent to which the recently created Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) plays as a "financial engine" of the Initiative,…

We exhibited at the ALADAA National Congress about the role of the AIIB in the New Silk Road

On August 23, Fundeps participated in the ALADAA National Congress within the framework of the Global Governance area agenda on Chinese investments in Latin America. Below, we offer a google translate version of the original article in Spanish.…

With the trunk pipelines concluded: positive or negative balance?

In January 2019, and after more than 10 years since the project began to be planned, the Government of the Province of Córdoba terminated the works of the trunk gas pipelines. Despite the obvious benefits of the project, it is worth asking…

The Second Five-Year Joint Action Plan and the deepening of relations between Argentina and China

Within the framework of the G20 summit held in Argentina in 2018, the Heads of State of Argentina and China signed 30 trade and investment agreements for the next five years. These agreements are part of the Second Five-Year Joint Action Plan…

China is committed to respecting human rights in its foreign investments

On March 15, China accepted 284 of the recommendations made in its third Universal Periodic Review (UPR) before the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). These are aimed at preventing human rights violations in the field of their investments…

New analysis on regulations in development institutions present in Latin America

Together with the rest of the organizations that make up GREFI, we publish a comparative analysis of the regulatory frameworks of the main institutions that finance development in Latin America, with a focus on the similarities and differences…

What does 2017 leave us in relation to trunk pipelines?

2017 was a year of progress and setbacks for gas pipelines project in Córdoba, but also of strong criticism for the lack of government transparency in relation to the project and the link with the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, involved in a scandal of corruption. Here, a review of the most important events of the year in relation to this strategic project for Córdoba.

China-Argentina relations under the Macri administration: do we change?

This working document presents a brief analysis of the current relations between the People's Republic of China and Argentina in a national and international context; and taking into account aspects such as the relationship between the Asian…

We participated in the workshop on advocacy actions against Chinese investments in the region

Representatives of civil society and native communities participated in the workshop in the city of Bogotá (Colombia). The result was the elaboration of an agenda that complements the territorial demands of the affected communities with the proposals raised from civil society and the academy.

Chinese investments in Argentina: the aqueducts in Entre Ríos

Within the long list of Chinese investments in Argentina, the case of aqueducts in the province of Entre Ríos has been one of the most controversial. Irregularities in the bidding process, approval and execution of the project have aroused…