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We began to integrate the RACI Executive Committee

Carolina Tamagnini, Executive Director of Fundeps, was elected as a substitute during the last election process for the Executive Committee of the Argentine Network for International Cooperation. “Below, we offer a google…

We request the opening of friends of the court before the Supreme Court

The amicus curiae presentation made by CELS in a federal public interest case was rejected by the lower court and by the Appeals Chamber. His request to be considered a friend of the court reached the Supreme Court, so we request that the case…

We need an open government in times of pandemic

From the Argentine Open Government Civil Society Collective, we request that all levels of the State take special account of transparency, participation and collaboration policies in public decision-making to manage the current crisis. At the…

PreCOP Córdoba “Civil Society Collaboration”

On August 7, a parallel event was held within the framework of the Pre-COP Córdoba 2019, where we participated in the organization jointly with Fundación Tierravida, Córdoba Young Agency Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. The…
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Coming Soon: Fourth Open Government Action Plan

Since June, different instances of co-creation between civil society and government have been carried out with a view to the elaboration of the Fourth Open Government Plan of Argentina. This will be published at the beginning of September and…
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UN Committee ends report on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Argentina

The United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights concluded on September 28 the fourth report of Argentina on the implementation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. After an interactive…
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Reporting to the DESC Committee

In collaboration with other civil society organizations, we made several reports to the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (DESC) for its session No. 64. Through them we intend to bring critical observations and recommendations…

Open Government: Argentina seeking to advance firmly

During the month of April, the Minister of Modernization, Andrés Ibarra, spoke at the Palacio San Martín on open government, ratifying the commitment of the Argentine State to policies that promote easy access to public management information…

We present a report on NCDs to the Committee on the Rights of the Child

Together with FIC Argentina, the O'Neill Institute and the Chair of Food Sovereignty of the Nutrition School of the UBA, we present a report in which we warn the situation of chronic diseases in Argentina focusing on the particular situation…

Claim for the designation of the Ombudsman: citizen participation is very important

The people of the Argentine Nation have not had an Ombudsman for eight years. During that same time, civil society organizations have requested Congress to designate this figure, as ordered by Article 86 of the National Constitution.