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We participate in Argentina Abierta

On May 31, the Open Argentina Forum took place in the City of Mendoza. It is a space for debate that takes place annually since 2016 and proposes the exchange of ideas and experiences around the theme of open government. In the 2018 edition,…

We participated in the Open Government Partnership Summit in Paris

We were present at the Open Government Alliance Summit (OGP Summit), which took place in Paris from 7 to 9 December. Next, more information on what is OGP and what was the 4th meeting of this alliance.

Regional meeting of OGP Americas: the open government honeymoon has ended

During November 20, 21 and 22, we participated in the Regional Meeting of Americas of the Alliance for Open Government (OGP for its acronym in English). The event brought together government officials and civil society organizations to discuss progress on transparency, access to information, citizen participation and accountability.

The province of Córdoba has a new portal of statistics and censuses

Last Friday, November 10, the General Secretariat of the Interior, the Secretariat of Institutional Strengthening and the General Directorate of Statistics and Census; They presented the new statistics portal of the province of Córdoba.

Claim for higher standards of protection of DD.HH. in infrastructure megaprojects

The Declaration of Lima, signed by civil society organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean, highlights the urgent need to ensure the rights of environmental defenders in the face of the growing cases of corruption surrounding megaprojects and the lack of access to public information.

Claim for the designation of the Ombudsman: citizen participation is very important

The people of the Argentine Nation have not had an Ombudsman for eight years. During that same time, civil society organizations have requested Congress to designate this figure, as ordered by Article 86 of the National Constitution.

Co-creating policies: Provincial Government Board Opened in Córdoba

During the past Wednesday, April 12 and 19, the Open Government Office of the Province of Cordoba summoned civil society organizations at a dialogue table. This, in the framework of the elaboration of the provincial goal that will be part of the National Plan of Action of Argentina before OGP during the years 2017 to 2019.

Climate Change and Open Government at the Global TAI Meeting

The 6th Global Meeting of The Access Initiative (TAI) was held in Paris on 5 and 6 December, in which representatives of civil society from around the world met to discuss the importance of open government in relation to The challenges of climate…