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LETTER TO THE INTENDENT MARTÍN LLARYORA: We need policies that address the problems of our city

Following the opportunity represented by the change of management at the municipal level, we want to express ourselves on key issues for the future of our city. Therefore, we jointly address other Cordoba organizations to the new Mayor of Córdoba,…

We participate in a hearing on climate change before the IACHR

Together with other non-governmental organizations, we participate in a thematic hearing before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. At this hearing we present a report on the impact of climate change on the enjoyment and enjoyment…

We request the intervention as amicus curiae in the Porta Hnos case.

We request the participation in the character of friend of the court (amicus curiae) in the case that must be resolved on the environmental problem that affects the neighbors of the production plant of the company “Porta Hnos.” “Below,…

When in doubt, nature

After a long judicial process, a group of residents of the town of Gualeguaychu (Entre Ríos) managed to get the Supreme Court of Justice to rule in favor of their claim in an important precedent that recognized and applied novel principles…

Revocation of the order to carry out studies on environmental contamination in Porta Hnos.'s case

On February 22, the Federal Court of Appeals of Córdoba, by majority vote, decided to revoke the resolution issued by the Federal Court No. 3 of Córdoba in the context of the Porta Hermanos case. In that resolution, studies were ordered on…

Complaint for illegal environmental activities in Alta Gracia

In defense of the right to freely access water courses and the environment as a collective good, we made a complaint to the Environmental Police Directorate giving an account of the illegal activities developed in the Potrerillo de Larreta Country Club.