We seek to work with all the groups involved in the development process: different levels of government, specific communities, citizens, the private sector, and academia and other civil society actors. We aim is to promote inclusive, participatory, and human-rights-led sustainable development.

We structure our work into five areas that interact constantly to develop activities such as trainings and technical assistance, lobbying, research, development of policy proposals, strategic litigation and outreach awareness campaigns.

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"Care Prices" that neglect

On January 7, 2020, the national government announced the updated list of products included in the “Care Price” program, which includes 310 articles of various consumer categories. We analyze the program especially considering the lack of…
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LETTER TO THE INTENDENT MARTÍN LLARYORA: We need policies that address the problems of our city

Following the opportunity represented by the change of management at the municipal level, we want to express ourselves on key issues for the future of our city. Therefore, we jointly address other Cordoba organizations to the new Mayor of Córdoba,…

The responsibility of accountability mechanisms to protect human rights: ICIM Case

The ICIM, accountability mechanism of the IDB and IDB Invest, on the occasion of increased reprisals towards applicants, has worked to improve the capacity of its team in dealing with these situations. Consequently, it has developed a series…

We reject the modification of the mining law in Mendoza

The Governor of Mendoza, Rodolfo Suárez, endorsed the reform of the law that protects the water of his province, to end the ban on the use of cyanide and other toxic substances and to remove the need for the Environmental Impact Statement (DIA)…

Now yes: There is updated ILE Protocol

With the assumption of the new president Alberto Fernández on December 10, and after recovering his category of Ministry the health area, the third update of the National Protocol for the comprehensive care of people entitled…

We present amicus curiae in defense of reproductive freedom in Córdoba

This Monday we present ourselves as “Friends of the court” in the case before the Court No. 7 of the province of Córdoba, by Dr. Susana Ottogalli de Aicardi, following the complaint of women victims and professionals in the area of primary…

MOCI - monitoreo ciudadano en proyectos de infraestructura

{el entramado} Contamos historias. Acercamos Realidades.




Derechos Laborales | Foro Nacional de Políticas de Género en Periodismo y Publicidad 💪
👉 Organizado junto a @comunicarigualdad y Fundación Heinrich Boll
Gracias por acompañarnos en 2019 y ser parte de nuestros 10 años de trabajo colectivo 🧡
Vamos por más luchas ✊ ¡Feliz año nuevo!
Hay todo tipo de luchas ✊
Luchas grandes y luchas chicas.
Hay luchas dentro de luchas.
Luchas de años. Que nos trascienden en tiempo y espacio ⏳
Hay luchas locales y mundiales 🌎
Hay personas que se pasan una vida luchando.
Hay algunas luchas más urgentes porque son de vida o muerte ⚠
📣 Hay luchas internas y luchas colectivas.
Luchas invisibles, luchas invisibilizadas.
Hay luchas que nos inspiran y nos convocan 🙌
Hay luchas por las que siempre luchamos 💪
#10d #diainternacionaldelosderechoshumanos #derechoshumanos #LuchaEnFoco #diadelosderechoshumanos
Encuentro anual de la Red de Organizaciones contra la Corrupción 💪
En 2019 presentamos 62 PEDIDOS de información a dependencias municipales y provinciales 🔍 Solo obtuvimos 3 RESPUESTAS satisfactorias 🤦‍♀ .
⚠ Por casos como éste, necesitamos que Córdoba actualice su ley de acceso a la información pública, que es de 1999.
ℹ [ El Estado es nuestro, su información también ]
🔗 Link in bio
#LargaLaInfo #LaInfoEsNuestra
En Córdoba, la Ley de Acceso a la Información Pública es de 1999 y está desactualizada ⚠ No establece todas las condiciones para garantizar el derecho de #AccesoALaInformación hoy.
Necesitamos que se ACTUALICE ⏩ según los estándares internacionales y la ley nacional.
ℹ [ El Estado es nuestro, su información también ] .
🔗 Link in bio
#LargaLaInfo #LaInfoEsNuestra

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