We seek to work with all the groups involved in the development process: different levels of government, specific communities, citizens, the private sector, and academia and other civil society actors. We aim is to promote inclusive, participatory, and human-rights-led sustainable development.

We structure our work into five areas that interact constantly to develop activities such as trainings and technical assistance, lobbying, research, development of policy proposals, strategic litigation and outreach awareness campaigns.

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Healthy school environments: a key policy in the fight against childhood overweight and obesity

The Ministry of Health of the Nation published a document that condenses a series of recommendations for the implementation of policies to prevent overweight and obesity in children and adolescents (NNyA) in educational institutions. It…

Climate change and human rights: request for a thematic hearing before the IACHR

Together with organizations with a history in the defense of human rights and the environment of Latin America and the Caribbean, we request a thematic hearing before the IACHR regarding the violation of human rights in the context of climate…

Revocation of the order to carry out studies on environmental contamination in Porta Hnos.'s case

On February 22, the Federal Court of Appeals of Córdoba, by majority vote, decided to revoke the resolution issued by the Federal Court No. 3 of Córdoba in the context of the Porta Hermanos case. In that resolution, studies were ordered on…

More than 100 organizations are calling on EITI to publish environmental information

On the initiative of the Peruvian organization 'Law, Environment and Natural Resources', on February 25, a letter was presented to the Board of Directors for the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), demanding the publication…

The advertising sector from a gender perspective

Together with Comunicar Igualdad, we present the results of an investigation carried out in 2018 on the advertising sector, from educational institutions, trade unions, professional associations and advertising agencies in Córdoba and Buenos…

At the Cosquin Rock violates the regulations on tobacco advertising

In a survey conducted by FUNDEPS and ALIAR in the well-known music festival "Cosquín Rock", actions were detected that violate the national and provincial regulations on the advertising of tobacco products. “Below, we offer a google translate…

MOCI - monitoreo ciudadano en proyectos de infraestructura

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#fridaysforfuture #climatestrike ✊ Huelga internacional de estudiantes por el clima🌡️💪 @cordobaclimatesave
Día Internacional de la Mujer
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En Córdoba tenés quien te acompañe. 💚
Ya no hay excusas para dilaciones. 
Acceder a la interrupción legal del embarazo en los casos contemplados por la ley es un derecho fundamental de todas las personas gestantes ⚖
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Ph: Sara Farbenfröhlich
En 2019 cumplimos 10 años 🧡
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Despedimos el 2018 celebrando muchos logros y satisfacciones💪👏 Deseamos reencontrarnos el próximo año para seguir construyendo en conjunto una sociedad más justa, equitativa e inclusiva✊⚖ ¡Gracias por acompañarnos!🙌

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