Fundeps is part of the Alliance for the Framework Convention on Global Health

In 2020, Fundeps began to integrate the Alliance for the Framework Convention on Global Health as an associate member. It is an Alliance formed by individuals and organizations that work together, at various levels, in favor of a Framework Convention…

History not to repeat: in Uruguay the industry managed to accommodate the labeling in its favor

Through a regulatory decree, Uruguay modified the criteria established for the application of warning stamps on food products. With the new resolution, the limits to critical nutrients were relaxed and companies will be able to sell their products…

We appeal the rejection of participation as third parties the cause of Potrerillo de Larreta

Together with the group Todos Por Nuestro Arroyos de Alta Gracia, we filed an appeal challenging the decision that rejected participation as interested third parties. “Below, we offer a google translate version of the original article in…

Transparency at development bank FMO is seriously lacking

The Dutch development bank FMO is not sufficiently transparent about the projects it finances, and is therefore acting contrary to its mandate. This is evident from a new report published by the International Accountability Project (IAP) and…

Other‌ ‌economies: the‌ ‌self-management‌ ‌from‌ a‌ ‌perspective of‌ ‌la‌ Sustainability‌ ‌of‌ la‌ ‌Life

After a year of research and collective work together with the Espacio de Economía Feminista de Córdoba, we published a report that reveals the self-managed experiences of the city of Córdoba and Valle de Punilla related…

MOCI - monitoreo ciudadano en proyectos de infraestructura

{el entramado} Contamos historias. Acercamos Realidades.




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